Imagine for a moment being hit, through no fault of your own, with an unexpected financial crisis that could tear apart your family or cause you to lose your home. Few things would feel worse. What would you do? Where would you turn for help? ACTS is a nonprofit organization in Richmond, Virginia that provides hope and assistance to people facing just that situation. They are people with limited financial resources who have hit a financial bump in the road, perhaps caused by an illness or the loss of a job, that threatens their ability to live sustainable, self-sufficient and dignified lives. As a channel for the compassion and generosity of congregations, individuals, businesses and foundations in the Greater Richmond area ACTS offers compassionate, thoughtful, thorough, and professional support to help keep people—our neighbors—in their own homes and to keep families intact.

Former ACTS Program Director Peggy Tucker and a client.
ACTS prevents homelessness before it can take hold.

ACTS is a channel for the compassion and generosity of individuals and faith communities across Greater Richmond that offers help and hope to people and families who are at risk of becoming homeless.

ACTS provides rent, mortgage and utility assistance as well as other support that makes it possible for those in crisis to stay in their homes and avoid becoming homeless.

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