What We Do

ACTS works in cooperation with more than 60 area congregations and other partner organizations throughout Richmond and the surrounding counties that refer families and hard-working individuals who for one reason or another find themselves unable to make ends meet. They are people who need financial and other assistance to get through their financial crisis and in many cases are not eligible for other financial resources.  Often, they face the threat of eviction because of the situation they find themselves in.  Trained case managers on the ACTS staff contact each referral and after an initial phone conversation will arrange a meeting with eligible clients during which their needs and solutions are discussed in depth.

One of the first things done in an assessment is to examine the client’s individual budget. In many cases this is the first time the client has ever done this and, with guidance from the professional caseworker, they begin to see more clearly, often for the first time, that the key to making ends meet is to ensure that expenses do not exceed income.  The case worker helps the client grasp this fact and suggests solutions to overcome this situation if it exists.

ACTS does not offer a hand-out or a band-aid to the crisis, but offers real and practical solutions.

Funds provided by ACTS are most often used to pay for rent, mortgage and utilities to keep families intact and stably housed.

ACTS case managers provide a highly personal and compassionate response to those who seek assistance from our agency, seeking always to help clients lead sustainable, dignified lives. Many clients have expressed thanks simply for having been offered a sympathetic ear to listen to them and help them work through their situation in a non-judgmental manner.  By working in cooperation with area congregations and other partners, ACTS serves as a central point that can efficiently and effectively provide practical assistance to those in need.

In 2019, ACTS received 1409 referrals and financially assisted 350 households comprising 858 people including 365 who were under the age of 18. In addition, ACTS was able to offer 971 additional households other more appropriate resources to address their individual needs.

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