Resources For Assistance

The past two years have been quite challenging for everyone in our community.

As of  May 2022, The Chesterfield Eviction Rental Assistance program has officially expended all of the funding that was allocated to ACTS.  In the past 16 months, ACTS has assisted the community with their rent so that residents could be safely housed during the time of the pandemic.

If you are still in need of assistance please check out the following information.

  1. If you need legal assistance please visit VA Legal Aid (
  2. If you are facing eviction please visit or call the Eviction Legal Helpline at 833-663-8428.
  3. Know your rights! Please visit the VA Legal Aid on Landlord and Tenant Issues (
  4. If you are in need of other resources please contact VA 211 (
  5. If you are currently homeless or within 3 days of losing housing please contact the Homeless Connection Line at 804-972-0813.