Emergency Financial Assistance

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The Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) program is designed to help individuals and families facing a financial crisis that put could put them at risk of facing eviction or homelessness. The EFA program not only offers our neighbors a sense of stability through hard times, but also provides peace of mind knowing that their community has their back.

Through the EFA Program, ACTS:

Provides financial assistance to our neighbors to help cover rent, utilities, and other expenses.

Offers referrals to other organizations that can address needs ACTS cannot, such as where to find pet food, help with clothes, and more.

Gives care bags filled with toiletries and other essential cleaning and hygiene products

Creates sustainable outcomes by coaching our neighbors in creating budgets, allowing them to be ready for the future, as well as navigating other financial related issues.

This program is funded through our partnerships with local organizations, foundations, congregations, and of course our generous donors.